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Venue Information

Dress Code: Casual
Set Meals: No
Buffets: No
Vegetarian Dishes: Yes
Use MSG: No
Smoking Section: No
Mobile Phones: Yes
Credit Cards: All Major Cards

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Soi Post Office, Pattaya
Tel: 06- 3168575

Ragint of Restaurant

Why We are the best in Thailand ?.
Indian food has evolved over centuries and has flourished under the many rulers that India had. Chefs vied with one another to create exotic delicacies for their rajah's. The result is centuries of patronage to the art of cooking and a large repertoire of delicious recipes. We want to share the history and nuances of Indian cuisine so the world may be more intimate with our cuisine.

At Pattaya there are a growing number of Indian Restaurants, but Aahhar represents the finest authentic delicacies of Mughlai & North Indian Cuisine.

A mouthwatering combination of excellent selected menu and drink list which will make you realize that there is no need to be an extraordinary time for extraordinary dining,

-Mr.Manish Agarwal( Director)

All spices used are natural. The real art lies in the blending of these fresh and natural ingredients of the highest quality, cooked with skill and finesse. The cuisine at Aahhar is brought to you with the best efforts of our team of professional Chef's from various regions of India .

For the best dining experience, every dish is individually prepared to ensure freshness and quality.

The degree of spiciness can be restricted starting with M ild, and progressing by stages to Very Hot and Super Hot.

Join us in re-living a bit of history and enjoy an exciting new gourmet experience

Give us a chance to serve you better…….

  Best Fact


  Opening Hour

  11:00Am to 11:00 Pm


  Lunch, Snacks & Dinner

  Facility Offer

  Full Bar, Beautiful Restaurant

  Service Style

  Silver service, Personalized.


  Full Bar with a wide range of cocktails and reasonably priced wines

  Average Meal Cost

  A meal for two without wine around 700 Baht

  Dress Code


  Most Popular Dish

  Sizzler Tandoori Dish, Prawn Tawa Masala, Fish Curry etc.


  Required for the dinner



  Credit Card

  Yes (All Major)

Contact Person:- Mr. Manish Agarwal (Director)

Cutomer service:- 06-3168575



The best Indian Dining of Thailand   Best  at food and service   Friendly Staff   Certified Wine Serving Restaurant   Parking Available   No Smoking Zone


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Thanon Ban That Thong Opp Chula soi 28-30 Bangkok